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Mum and now Entrepreneur, Yogita Joshi founded Gudness Foods to introduce breakfast products with Indian and British flavours, made from 100% natural ingredients, for the first time in UK.

Traditional products - 'Upma' (savoury) and 'Shira' (sweet) are known for their brilliant flavours, health benefits and consumed by millions daily. Combining authentic taste with convenience, Gudness Foods delivers vegetarian/vegan breakfast products, ready-to-eat in just 5 minutes!

We have taken our innovation a step further, by combining Indian Porridge texture of Shira with classic British flavours (Berries and Apple & Cinnamon) and it has been a hoot! 

On popular demand, we have later introduced 'Poha' (Savoury Rice based)' and Masala Oats (Savoury) which are vegan and gluten-free and absolute household delights!


Original (Shira) aroma was superb.

Loved the saffron, nuts and sweetness. This one will always stay in my food cupboard. 


The products are very nice. They were light to eat but filled you up.

The flavours were amazing.


Finally! an easy to make Upma in UK with authentic Indian taste and flavours.

Great products. Recommended.

Dr. Ashish Gupta

Berries was my favourite. So fresh and added lots of flavour to my breakfast!

Home like food while in University


Found the texture a bit unusual at first but soon got used to it. Berries was my favourite  and Apple & Cinnamon was a close second

Nick Roets


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